White House Honing in on Op-Ed Individual

The White House is said to be closing in on a list of potential individuals who penned a damning editorial in the New York Times, claiming he was working against the president. According to a source, the president of the United States, Donald Trump, believes that the leak came from within the National Security sector of the administration.

He also revealed that Trump has become close to obsessed with catching the culprit who wrote the letter in the New York Times earlier this week. The individual only describes himself as a senior administration official, before going on to say that he was working within the Trump administration, to try and counter the worst aspect of Trump tendencies as president.

The president has also claimed that catching the culprit is a matter of national security and urged the attorney general to conduct an investigation. He also said that the identity of this sick person will be revealed very soon. There has been much speculation when the article was published, with the BBC even running a detailed writing analysis programme comparing the report, two statements and letters from those inside the administration.

Those who are said to be suspected of writing the letter include Mike Pence, Jeff Sessions, Mike Pompeo, and even Trump’s wife, Melania. The recent article adds to the terrible time for the president, who is also fighting claims by Bob Woodward that he is unstable and not fit to be president. The revelations come in Woodward’s new book which has revealed several concerning matters about procedure within the White House.

American citizens are about to go to the polls later this year to vote in the midterm elections, and as yet, it is unclear whether the torrid time Trump has suffered will have any effect at the ballot box. Trump has said that he will run again in the next election in 2020.