The World Moving Online for Betterment

The internet has completely transformed how news spreads across the world. Nowadays, the release of information is faster, less censored, and, in some instances, less accurate.

The incidences of inaccuracy are, however, less than the gatekeepers would want you to believe. The more accurate fact is that the rise of online reporting has prevented the authorities from screening out some of the information that they would not want to reach the masses.

Virtually every aspect of information today has gone online. From governance, political critique, sports and gaming, the internet has become the platform for it all. Even traditional media outlets are now producing a hard copy, besides their usual print and broadcast communication.

In Mauritius, for example, leading outlets like Le Mauricien and L’ express have some of the most active online portals. They love the internet because of the ease, and speed, with which it helps them reach their audiences.

And it is not just news that has gone online. Governments are using internet platforms to stay in touch with their citizens. America’s president, Donald Trump, is especially popular on the social media platform Twitter, where he expresses his opinion on many significant issues. Trump has insisted on using his own account, rather than the official one of the President Of The United States (POTUS).

Casinos are also expanding their spectrum with an online presence. If you check out a site like, you will find that most games that were once only found in bricks-and-mortar casinos, can now be played online. With a robust internet connection, you can even play most games in real time, as if you were in the real casino. The model is known as ‘live dealership.’

The internet continues to increase possibilities in all spheres of life. Some people who may never have had a chance to visit a casino, or address the president, can now do it, thanks to an online presence.