Take To The Air For Economic and Social Development

The International Air Transport Association has made it clear that Mauritian focus should remain on aviation as an enabler for both social and economic development in the country. Mauritius maintains a valuable advantage where aviation strategy is concerned; Their size. The country is small in size which means that the strategy will be easy to both manage and control.

Competitiveness will drive the economy

Mauritius is definitely not lacking in the areas of tourism and travel. They rank high up in a number of the World Economic Forum’s Competitiveness Report categories that relate to travel and tourism. Where they are lacking is in the competitiveness of their prices. The country has high ticket taxes, fuel costs and expensive airport charges. By improving competitiveness in the area, the country could boost the economy through their aviation services.


There are many markets and groups who have not yet discovered the magic of Mauritius. There isn’t one airline that can provide the access to the country that is required. This is not to say that connectivity is lacking, it can, however, be improved upon. The airlines in the country need to look towards solidifying partnerships with other airlines to increase connectivity to a favourable level. Mauritius is geographically positioned to benefit from air travel to and from both the continents of Asia and Southern Africa. They need to monopolise on the opportunity. Air Mauritius, the local air carrier, has the opportunity to grow into a formidable competitor.

It is time for Air Mauritius to improve their aviation strategy. The inclusion of the IATA Operational Safety Audit was committed to in the Abuja Declaration, it is time for the leaders to stand up and fulfil their commitment if the country is to reach the levels of competitiveness they can. The country is in its 50th year of Independence. Now is the time to make their mark.