Most Reliable Online Sites in Mauritius

The internet has opened up the island of Mauritius in a considerable way. A lot of what is there to be said, went untold in the era of traditional media, mainly because the broadcasting houses could not unravel it all.

Today, however, anyone with a mobile phone and an internet connection can become a ‘broadcaster.’ The first online sites in Mauritius stemmed from the mainstream newspapers, mainly L’Express and Le Mauricien. With time, more sites have come up.

These new sites are mainly region or content specific. They often take up one line of content coverage and stick to it, e.g. sports, tourism, travel, fitness etc.

Some of the new-age online sites that have carved a sizeable niche in the Mauritian market include:

  • All Africa; the multinational site that concerns itself with topical issues around Africa, has a unique portal dedicated to Mauritius. It focuses mainly on developmental topics within Mauritius, and the country’s relationship with the world
  • Star; an all-around news and feature site, delving into content about politics, religion, business, technology and social issues among others
  • Top FM Radio; the site mainly offers an online platform to listen to one of the country’s most popular FM stations. It also has a blog, where some of the radio content is discussed in writing, both by radio presenters and independent contributors
  • BBC Mauritius; this site is part of the BBC Africa network. Due to the BBC’s standing as a renowned media house, this is one of the most reliable sources of online news in Mauritius. It has some of the best reporters in the country and is always up to date with the latest happenings in governance, health, business etc

New sites continue to pop up every day in Mauritius, as the internet age continues to take root. The practice of citizen journalism is growing fast as a result.