Le Mauricien

News connects people to the world around them and gives us up to date knowledge of the world around us. This is one of the attributes of a good news company. Le Mauricien is a popular French newspaper in Mauritius that has been in existence since 1908. The company is over a hundred years and has been one of the best sources of information to the public at large.

The headquarters of Le Mauricien is at 8 rue St Georges, Port Louis. The company is currently managed by its director Jacques Rivet and Bernard Delaître being the deputy director. Le Mauricien started off with some editors like Raoul Rivet, Andre Masson, and Lindsay Riviere. Raoul Rivet was editor and director from 1922 to 1957. The media company started offset press in1978 and made changes by growing from a four pages publication to forty-eight pages publication. They grew to meet up with the standards of leading newspaper companies such as The Guardian (UK) and Le Figaro (France).

Le Mauricien releases and distributes newspapers on daily basis. Their publications are distributed from Mondays to Saturday Mornings. Besides these newspapers, they also make available to the public access to news and updates on their online platform. Le Mauricien is an independent newspaper that offers Week-End, Week-End Scope and Turf Magazine to the public.

The Week-End publication is usually available on Sundays and is a favourite amongst readers. This Sunday newspaper features a special editorial section by Jean Claude Antoine and some other journalists. The Week-End Scope, on the other hand, is available to readers on Wednesdays. This Scope publication is mainly focused on entertainment news.

Le Mauricien later in 2012 decided to upgrade their website in other to make news available for its readers. Le Mauricien is one of the best online news sites in Mauritius and its website allows readers to make comments on the articles published on its website.