The Associated Press

The Associated Press is one of the world’s oldest news organisations and was founded back in 1846, making it 172 years old. Based in New York City, Associated Press is a not-for-profit organisation, whose mandate is to provide the American people, and the world, with fair and accurate news coverage. The organisation was formed as a cost-cutting exercise between several newspapers in New York City, who wanted to slash the fiscal responsibility of covering the Mexican-American war. After that success in this endeavour, it decided to continue with the enterprise, and the Associated Press was formed.

Having been formed as a print organisation, it branched out to broadcast in 1941, when it commenced radio operations. Back in 1994, it began a video newsgathering operation collecting footage, which is then distributed to news organisations around the world. As of 2008, the Associated Press had over 1400 bureaus based around the world and still acts as one of the first sources of news for over 1400 media organisations based in the United States. Increasing revenues have been coming from international ventures, including global broadcast customers and also from foreign newspapers.

Because of its status as a well trusted, and free, news organisation, portals such as MSN and Yahoo often use the Associated Press as their first source of information when covering breaking news. The organisation has faced some criticism over the years. One of the most prominent was its coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It has been accused of supporting a narrative which relinquishes any responsibility to the Arabs and Palestinians while claiming that all of the problems start with the state of Israel.

The Associated Press can be compared with the European provider Reuters, which is also considered a wire service and the first point of breaking news, though the Associated Press maintains dominance in the United States.