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The internet has become part and parcel of modern life. Think about any aspect of your daily routine and you are sure to spot its attachment to the online world.

Distribution of news has especially undergone a huge revolution in this era. Online news is today the most popular means by which people access information, all across the world. Whether it is governments talking to their people or celebrities making announcements to their fans, the internet has become the main medium for communication.

Even traditional news sites are actively creating an online presence for themselves. In many instances, the mainstream news sites actually use online sources as fishing grounds for their content.

On this site, we take a deeper look at how online news distribution has revolutionized the communication sector. We lay it all bare- the good, the bad and the ugly- through easy-to-understand and entertaining articles.

It is all about news as it is now; an objective discussion that does not shy away from the seemingly sensitive issues that surround online news. Fake news? We won’t pretend that it doesn’t exist, or that it is a preserve of certain information pockets. It touches even the senior, most official sections of society, and we will tell you how.

If you are looking for an uncensored discussion about things that drive the online passage of information, then you are aboard the right flight. Come with us on a ride that will open your eyes to new insights that have slipped under your radar. Also feel free to give your input to the engaging discussion.